Olongapo Telecom & Information Technology

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Republic of the Philippines

1ST Telecom Board Meeting
December 20, 2004
9:00 Am
Session Hall


Hon. Edwin J. Piano Chairman
Hon. Gina G. Perez Vice Chairman for Telecommunications
Mr. Leonardo C.Perez Member (Telecommunications Expert)
Engr. German E. Ebue Member (Electronics & Communications Expert)
Mr. Danilo J. Piano Member (IT Expert)
Atty. Manuel Quijano Member (Legal Advisor)
Mr. Mark Anthony Orpiano Board Secretariat


Hon. Cynthia G. Cajudo City Councilor
Hon. Angelina B. Andrada City Councilor
Mr. Oscar DE. Agustin City Assessor
Engr. Redentor D. Villanueva Engineering Dept
Mr. Emmanuel Ramos Business Permit Division
Mr. Marcelino Andawe City Treasure
Engr. Reymundo Guevara C.E.O.
Engr. Joanne Agaton CPDO
Mr. Jerico Ballon Legislative Assistant, City Council
Mr. Alvin Errazo Legislative Assistant, City Council


Hon. Marey Beth D. Marzan……………Vice Chairman for IT


The meeting was called to order 9:15am. Board Chairman Edwin Piano presided.

The Agenda was adopted as read.

Hon. Edwin J. Piano requested Hon. Gina Perez to draft the Guidelines / Internal Rules for Olongapo City Telecom Board.

Mr. Leonardo C. Perez was tasked to draft the Policy on Mobile Phone Cell Sites and Tower application.

Mr. Emmanuel Ramos reported that Globe and Smart have 3 towers each installed in the city and they are paying the amount of P 5,000.00 per tower annually. He further reported that as of the moment the City do not have complete list of Telecom towers because some provider did not apply for permit. The chairman suggested that Business Permit should request all Telecom companies operating in the city to report to the City Government all their towers/cell sites, including locations. He also tasked Engr. Ebue to conduct field inspection to determine actual location and ownership of each site.

Mr. Andawi reported that, previously, Telecom provider claims franchise tax exemption because their franchises were nationwide but he learned that in other cities or municipalities they are paying local tax. In this connection, he was tasked by the board to research and determine if there is any legal impediment to the planned imposition of local franchise tax.

Hon. Cynthia Cajudo suggested forming a body or team to monitor all Telecom tower in the City to ensure that all of Telecom provider pay prescribe fees.

Chairman Piano requested the City Appraisal Committee thru Mr. Agustin and Mr. Andawi to come up with schedule of fees to be collected for use of Government lands for Cellphone/Telecom towers. He further stated of his observation that cellphone towers are mushrooming in top of buildings. The board agreed that a procedure, which included payment schemes and penalties, be drafted to ensure that standards are followed and revenue due to the city is collected.

Mr. Nards Perez suggested to use SBMA existing rates as a guide to establish schedule of fees to be collected for using Government lands/structures.

Eng’r. German Ebue suggested that standard payment/fees must be per antenna not per tower because some telecom companies share the same tower.

The board unanimously agreed that all new telecom revenue schemes will not be retroactive and will take effect only after all legal requirements such as public hearing, city council and NTC approval are met.

Mr. Nards Peres suggest that a City Council resolution be passed for the implementation of “One Province, One Rate” telephone charging system in the Olongapo and Zambales. The body agreed to submit the proposal to the City Council. He also reported that wires of Telecom Company are becoming eyesore due with its exposed wire hanging everywhere. In this connection, Hon. Piano asks Eng’r. Ebue to draft a letter to Telecom Companies with existing cables in the city for them to fix their telecom lines.

Eng’r. German Ebue updates the body regarding the on-going PABX project.

Mr. Danilo J. Piano suggested investigating why Internet line or service cost much higher in Olongapo compared to other cities or provinces. Other board members subscribed to Mr. Piano’s observation, it was agreed issue be tackled in the next meeting.

One other observation made by Mr. Piano is the slow-pace our constituents are experiencing when paying electric bills, he suggested that we tap the services of local banks specially those capable of electronic banking to enhance our services to the public.

When the issue of confiscated cellphone was discussed, Hon. Cajudo suggested donating the confiscated cellphone to NGO’s or institution. The board unanimously agreed to her proposal.

Calendar of next meeting December 27, 2004 at 9:00 am

With no other matter to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:25 am

Prepared by:

Mark Anthony Orpiano
and Jerico Ballon