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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Day the Web Goes Silent

Jason Lee Miller Staff Writer - WebProNews

Not a moment of silence, but a full day of silence is planned by US-based webcasters, lots of them, in protest of the Copyright Royalty Board's increase in royalty rates. Internet radio stations argue the rate hikes are disproportionate and will shut down the entire Web radio industry.

Next Tuesday, June 26, thousands of US webcasters will go silent, including big names like Yahoo, Rhapsody, MTVOnline, and Pandora, as well as more local offerings like BluegrassCountry.org/WAMU.org and RadioMilwaukee.

Some webcasters will cut off their streams entirely while others will play static, ocean sounds, or similar fare with periodic public service announcements of what is happening.

"The arbitrary and drastic rate increases set by the Copyright Royalty Board on March 2nd threaten the very livelihood of thousands of webcasters and their millions of listeners throughout the country," said Jake Ward, a spokesperson for the SaveNetRadio Coalition.