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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cyber project another NBN scandal?

JUNK the multi-billion-peso Cyber Education Project!

Thus said Benjo Basas, a Caloocan City teacher and chair of the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition, in opposing President Macapagal-Arroyo’s controversied project which she described as “a necessity” during the two-day education summit held in Manila Hotel last week.

“We strongly oppose the project because we believe it’s another unneeded and unnecessary expenditure of the government,” said the TDC members, who openly expressed fear that this administration project will just become another “white elephant.”

They also found the Cyber project’s contract price “unconscionable” and likened it to the `scandalous’ National Broadband Network deal that now threatens to bring down the graft-ridden Arroyo administration.

It will be recalled that Malacanang suspended the implementation of the P26.48 billion CEP project after it met widespread criticism from the teachers, business and militant sectors.

The TDC offered an alternative by urging the government to instead implement more relevant reforms in the education sector and ensure delivery of quality education for all.

“If the Arroyo government is sincere in addressing the problems of the education sector, better think of basic solution to basic problems,” Basas said.

“The shortages in school facilities and the impoverished condition of many public school teachers are the most pressing concerns of the sector and, therefore, should be put on top of the government’s priorities.” Basas added. By: Jeffrey C. Tiangco - Journal online

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Cyber City Teleservices,

Cyber City Teleservices, Inc. is paving the way in corporate citizenry among Clark locators.

Aside from already spending huge amount of money in sponsoring and training Philippine delegation to the annual Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) World Cup in the past years, it is now helping form a SIFE groups among local schools in Pampanga and Angles City.

This came about as Cyber City chief operating officer Almerita Leung -- a Capampangan herself -- noticed that local schools have not participated in past SIFE regional or national rounds.

I had the chance to cover SIFE World Cup in New York City last year where Cyber City Senior EVP George Sorio was one of the judges. From what I witnessed I could tell how students from around the world can bring about change in their respective communities through outreach or livelihood programs.

SIFE establishes student teams on university campuses. Faculty advisors lead these teams, and they are challenged to develop community outreach projects that reach SIFE's five educational topics: Market Economics, Success Skills, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Business Ethics.

Congratulations Cyber City. You are doing a great job in making today's youth more aware of their social responsibilities.

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